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President Obama promised to bring all of the troops back by August 31st 2010 (see also US Foreign Policy). Our interest is to see that this promise is delivered on time. We want to see the war conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan resolved successfully. And, we would like to see our troops come home safe by or before the date of August 31st 2010.

I support the following:
  • A successful resolution to the war conflict in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
  • The safe return of our military troops to be reunited with their families.
  • That President Obama's promise to have our troops back home be fulfilled on or before his set date of August 31st 2010.

"I, the undersigned citizen of the United States, petition the U. S. Congress and President Barack Obama to bring a successful resolution to the war conflict in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and to deliver on the promise of bringing our troops back home to the United States safe, on or before August 31st 2010."

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Who We Are - We are a private organization that supports the military and our troops abroad. Our organization provides financial services for Veterans and military personnel as well as for civilians. Our goal is to support a socially beneficial cause and to improve the human quality of life for those who serve our country.

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